DXC Technology Associate Professional Project Management Office (PMO) in Vilnius, Lithuania


Job Description:

As a Project Management Office you willbe responsible for implementing and coordinating best project managementpractices and processes on the account or program level. You will be managingand controlling the project governance life cycle, tracking sensitive projectfinancial data, coordinating project schedule, administrating contract data andproviding functional support and coordination to accelerate operations, undergeneral supervision. You will be interfacing with both: external and internalstakeholders.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Managing the Client, company and project team expectations for agreed uponproject performance by obtaining, providing and monitoring project metrics.

  • Managing and controlling the project governancelife cycle, tracking sensitive project financial data, coordinating projectschedule, administrating contract data

  • Responsible for the implementation of the bestproject management practices on the account or program level

  • Performing ongoing review of project status; identifying possible projectrisks. Recommending and implementing risk mitigation solutions as approved andas appropriate.

  • Assisting in the project staffing processes. Working closely with projectteam members to ensure effective communication and understanding of deadlines,assignments and objectives. Participating in work as applicable.

  • Engaging with team members and stakeholders to manage changes to theproject, which may involve changes to project schedule, technical or businessrequirements.


Essential Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, information technology,engineering or related field would be an advantage.

  • Experience working with project management methodology such as Catalystincluding budget development, project planning, control and quality assurancemethodologies, project management software and finance and accounting conceptsand practices would be a considerable advantage.

  • Experience working with techniques and approaches related to thearchitecture, development, integration, and deployment of project phases wouldbe an advantage.


  • Leadership skills to guide and mentor the work of less experiencedpersonnel

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Strong English skills

  • Strong MS Excel skills

  • Willingnes to work with processes setup and improvements

  • Interpersonal and presentation skills for interacting with team members andClients

  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills; initiative and proactiveattitude

  • Analytical and thorough approach to managing sensitive data

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and switch between tasksquickly

  • Ability to create and maintain formal and informal networks

  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and change

  • Willingness to travel.